TOT Members Play Nashville
TOT Members Play Nashville
Several TOT members are playing Nashville this weekend! If you're in need of some plans, we've got some for you!

Gabe Dixon is playing a FREE show with Martin Harley and The Dunwells on Thursday, October 18th. The show is at Aloft Nashville-Cool Springs in Franklin, TN and starts at 7PM.

If you can't make it to Franklin, swing by The Basement to see Sarah Siskind and Stephen Gordon. The show starts at 8PM and tickets are only $5.

On Saturday, Jeremy Lister will be playing with Street Corner Symphony at Mercy Lounge. Show starts at 8PM. Tickets are $12 advance and $15 at the doors.

And finally, you can end your weekend by seeing Matthew Perryman Jones at 3rd & Lindsley on Sunday, October 21. Doors are at 6PM and the show starts at 8PM. Tickets are only $10.

If you can't make it out to see MPJ, you can tune into 100.1 or listen online, to hear a live broadcast of the show.

As a part of the TOT Indie Artist Boot Camp, we'll be hosting a DIY Artist Panel. The panel will take place on September 15th at 10AM at Beaman Center at Belmont University and will be open to the public.

The panel will be moderated by Kristen Dabbs and will feature Amy Stroup, Daniel Higbee, Nate Yetton, Shawn Fowler and Trent Dabbs.

We hope to see you there!

TOT at 3rd & Lindsley
TOT at 3rd & Lindsley
Ten Out of Tenn In the Round at 3rd & Lindsley September 15 featuring Trent Dabbs, Jeremy Lister, Amy Stroup, Tyler James, Gabe Dixon, Matthew Perryman Jones and more.


TOT Independent Artist Boot Camp
TOT Independent Artist Boot Camp
As an independent artist, one of the biggest challenges is knowing the right steps to start or advance your career. There's no lack of resources and tools to help you, but knowing what to look for, and which tools are right for your career, can be daunting.

Ten out of Tenn (TOT) has been made up of many of the most successful independent artists in Nashville who know what it takes to succeed in the music industry. This experience has been designed to help you advance your career and meet the professionals that can guide you there!

Our weekend bootcamp will provide you the opportunity to learn from music industry professionals in such areas as:
booking, touring, and management
production and engineering - how to get the sound you are looking for
radio promotion, distribution
branding, website design and promotion, and
business and income management.

Our TOT artists, and other successful independent artists, will also provide insights on their careers and ideas for advancing yours.

In small groups, you will be able to consult with music industry experts and artists about varied aspects of your individual career. By the end of the weekend, you will develop, with the help of our mentors, a game plan to bring your career to a new level, present that game plan for input and advice, and know the people that can help you attain your goals! You will also have the opportunity to showcase your talents, and selected artists may be chosen for performing slots in Soundland and future opening slots with TOT artists.
Space in our first Independent Artists' Bootcamp is limited so reserve your place now!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION- The weekend will start on Friday night at 3rd and Lindsley with a performance by current Ten out of Tenn artists.
The Free DIY artist panel will be on Saturday morning and will be held in the Vince Gill Room at Belmont University. Please park in the parking garage off of Bernard Ave. The Saturday morning panel is open to the public but does not include the one on one advising like the rest of the weekend.

Additional schedule information and exact directions will be sent out after sign up along with a confirmation email if you register for full bootcamp

**** please contact if you have any questions ****


Music City Roots- LiveStream
We're so excited to play Music City Roots tonight at the Barn at the famous (and rightly so- those biscuits? Heaven.) Loveless Cafe here in Nashville tonight! Can't make it out? Don't worry! There are 2 ways you can tune in and get your TOT Fix.

Wherever you are in the world, you can watch the LiveStream of the entire show via our Facebook page here- but maybe you're driving around Nashville and haven't mastered the art of LiveStreaming on your MacBook Pro while cruising down Hillsboro Pike- (as a side note, we don't recommend that either)- you can tune into Lightning 100 on your radio and listen away.

So however you choose it, we hope you join us tonight at 7pm (sharp!). It's gonna be fun times, y'all! (That's right. We said y'all. Those biscuits'll do it to ya)


New Store!
We're excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Ten Out of Tenn Store! With the holidays right around the corner, what could be better than to share some TOT with someone you love? We'll now be offering the merch that was only available on the road, so if you couldn't decide or not to get a t-shirt (our we sold out of your size!), or maybe you've never seen our documentary "Any Day Now", NOW you can!

Check it out!

TOTop Tens: #Roadtrippin' w/ Tyler James
Check out what TJ Cinnamon is diggin' on the road:

Top 10 albums/songs you're listening to right now:
1. Ennio Morricone - the good the bad and the ugly
2. Seu Jorge and Almaz - everybody loves the sunshine
3. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - rome
4. St. Vincent - strange mercy
5. Mazzy Star - fade into you
6. Radiohead - i've been thinking about you
7. Tom Petty - wake up time
8. Seu Jorge and Almaz - the model
9. Ennio Morricone - once upon a time in the west
10. Beck- sea change

Top 5 favorite moments on the tour so far:
1. stage dive knoxville
2. stage dive washington d.c.
3. stage dive new york city
4. stage dive boston
5. tie between stage dive in philadelphia & stage dive in charlottesville

Random fact about 1 other tourmate:
1. our drummer will sayles uses 'just for men' to cover the gray in the beard

Ever wonder what songs get stuck in the artists heads on the road?
For TOT, it's pretty unanimous... Tyler wins.

TOTop Tens: #Roadtrippin' w/ Amy Stroup
There's a lot of time to kill on the road... and music plays a HUGE part in doing that. Check out some of Amy Stroup's top picks in a little somethin' somethin' we call--- Tour Tunage!

New album listens:::
1. Switchfoot-Vices Verses
2. Ben Rector- Something Like This
3. Katie Herzig- The Waking Sleep
Classics that put me in an instant good mood:
4. Neil Young
5. Lucinda Williams
6. Patty Griffin
7. The National
8. Bon Iver
Ghetto fabulous:::
9. Like a G6
10. Beyonce's new record

Top 5 Favorite Tour Moments:
1. Getting goosebumps during 1st TOT show in Knoxville
2. 1st shower taking of the tour at a venue
3. Late night bites & post show fun (we can easily average 5 meals a day)
4. Spending more on liquid than food this tour ;)
5. Scary Movie night with Pizza after Boston show

A random fact about another tour mate:
1. Our bus driver's name is Red

TOTop Tens: #Roadtrippin' w/ Trent Dabbs
#Roadtrippin' with T-Daddy Dabbs!

Top 10 things you've done on the road:

1. Watching the movie "I Love You Man" (great pick me up during the bus breakdown)
2. Listening to "all mixed up" by Red House Painters while I walk through NYC.
3. watching Paranormal Activity 2 (the only other movie I've had time to watch.)
4. I'm really into a band called Junip
5. watching The Best of Will Ferrell (it's unreal comedy)
6.listening to Tracy Lawrence "you find out who your friends are"--never fails!
7.watching The Others
8. listening to some artist named Kevin Rhodes (seriously someone with his name, spelled different)
9. reading "Counterfeit Gods"
10. New songs from these artist!

Top 5 favorite moments of the tour (so far..):
1. First show in Knoxville
2. Making up with MPJ after fight.
3. Making up with K.S.
4. Off Day in NYC with Andrew Belle
5. Buying a banjo in Boston

A random fact about another tour mate:
Lister has purchased coffee and donuts for everyone and brought it back to bus twice so far!!!

Ever wonder what Katie Herzig's "Wish You Well" would sound like sung country style, by Trent Dabbs?

Now you know:

TOTop Tens: #Roadtrippin' w/ Jeremy Lister
For the next 10 days we'll be highlighting some TOTop 5s and 10s with each of the artists-- first up, Jeremy Lister!

Hey guys:

The tour has been a blast so far! I love traveling with these guys and gals. It just sucks that we happened to get stuck with a haunted bus. This is the second morning I've woken up to the curtains on my bunk being jerked open and the lights flickering on and off....

Top 10 albums for the road:

1. Ride The Lightning
2. Unpractice Makes Perfect
3. Chateau Le Revenge
4. This American Life
5. The Angry Toast
6. Broken Glass,Toothless Night
7. Spock
8. The Beard I Floss With
9. Chariots For Hire
10. The Vest of Wayne Newton

Top 5 Tour Moments (so far...):
1. Going to the Empire State Building with Seth (tour manager)
2. Leaving TOT briefly to join a metal band called Thor's Thong
3. Dunkin Donuts
4. Watching the Saints beat the Bears
5. Hugging

And check out this little video lovin' from day 1 of the tour-- who doesn't love a Broke Down Bus? (answer: nobody loves a broke down bus)

TOT+Pledge Music+Mocha Club+You
In just 3 weeks, Ten Out of Tenn Volume 4 hits the road for our fall tour, and we couldn't be more excited about it. As we hope you can tell, these tours mean a lot to us. They are a true labor of love, and there's nothing that makes us happier than to share it all with you.

Over the past 10 years, we've watched this little idea grow into something bigger than what we ever expected. New friendships have been made, others strengthened, and while there is no doubt that each artist has a huge wealth of talent on their own, it's when they all come together that something really special and completely unique happens. It's not an easy feat getting there, though. Between hiring the bus and driver, buying gas to fill that bus's never ending tank, making sure the artists are getting what they need to make this worthwhile of their time, and what seems to be a hundred more little details that all add up, sometimes we wonder if all of the expense is even worth it. But then we see the 10 artists (and our ever reliable, and amazing drummer, Will!) up on stage, swapping instruments and gathering around mics, or standing in the audience leading the crowd in an a capella "I Shall Be Released". In that moment, we realize what a special thing we have together, and how lucky we are to be able to bring some of the community and passion that we love so much into the lives of all of you every night, all over the country. But we also realize that we can't do it alone, and that is when we turn to you.

We are so excited to announce our partnership with the fantastic folks over at Pledge Music. Pledge Music is a unique way for fans (that's you guys) to support artists (that's us) with projects. But since we would never ask for your help and not give anything in return, you'll get content that is completely exclusive to the Pledge Campaign. One of the exclusives we are most excited about is the TOT Vol 4 Live album. If you've ever been to a show, you know what a truly unique experience it is, one that can't be duplicated any other way than to, well, experience it. In recording one of these special nights, we hope to capture some of the magic that is in those live performances in a way that we haven't yet been able to, and offer it to you 100% exclusively through Pledge Music. This album won't be available on iTunes, it won't be on Amazon, it won't even be available at the live shows. The absolutely only place you can find this is through making a pledge through our campaign. On top of that, when you make a pledge, you will get automatic access to super exclusive content from the road! Every day we'll be posting videos and pictures from the road that you won't be able to find anywhere else. It'll pretty much feel like you're on the road with us, and trust us, you never know what kind of shenanigans will end up happening. There are many, many more awesome exclusives on our Pledge page that you won't be able to get at a show, so check it out!

No matter how much of a challenge it is to get this tour on the road, we never want to forget that we have a unique ability to be a platform to support causes and organizations that are close to our hearts. That's why we are especially happy to announce that a portion of all that we make will be given it to our friends at The Mocha Club to provide for approximately 200 "Grace Orphans" in Sunyani, Ghana. Some of the most basic needs that you and I take for granted have never been met for these children, things like shelter, warm meals, school uniforms, educational books, medication (general and HIV/AIDS), and much more. With the money we raise with your help, those needs will be met. It is our honor to be a part of changing a child's life, so please check them out at and see for yourself what amazing things this organization has done and is doing, and most importantly, pledge!

We really are so excited to meet everyone out on the road! There are some special times ahead, and can't wait to share it all with you.

Thanks for your support, we couldn't do this without you!



A Big Day for New Music
A Big Day For New Music
Today's a big day for new music releases. Today the TOT Volume 4 compilation has finally been released. The album includes tracks from Katie Herzig, Matthew Perryman Jones, Trent Dabbs, Amy Stroup, Andrew Belle, Butterfly Boucher, Jeremy Lister, Tyler James and Gabe Dixon.

And this week only, it's $6.99. Click here to get your copy.
Along with the release of our Volume 4 compilation, TOT Volume 2 member, Kyle Andrews' long-awaited new album "Robot Learn Love" drops today. You can get Kyle's album here.
And if that isn't enough, The Father of TOT himself, Trent Dabbs, is giving away his latest record, Southerner, for free on Noisetrade! Gohere to download his album for free!
Hope you enjoy all of the music from TOTer's old and new!

And P.S. Gabe Dixon's new album is streaming in it's entirety here. Be sure to give it a listen.

The Creativity Behind Ten Out of Tenn
The Insider's View | Belmont University
By belmont
Published: 28 October 2010

On Monday, October 25th Belmont welcomed co-founders Kristen and Trent Dabbs and TOT performing member Matthew Perryman Jones for Insider's View discussion about Ten out of Tenn (TOT). A collective of Nashville artists that have all received national recognition, TOT began as a compilation and tour in 2005 and has continued to grow and receive critical acclaim.

The idea for the project began on a road trip to Mississippi, during which Kristen and Trent listened almost exclusively to music created by friends in the Nashville music scene. The couple wanted to battle the perception that Nashville produces only country music by promoting the amazing talent of friends and colleagues making rock, pop, and folk music in town. What started as a compilation quickly evolved into a tour, now in its third incarnation, and eventually yielded Any Day Now, a documentary of the TOT experience. Produced by Kristen, Any Day Now received an Honorable Mention at the 2009 Nashville Film Festival.

The panel discussed TOT's organic development-from artist selection to tour life, the project is not forced. When considering potential TOT artists, Kristen and Trent start with the established members and build off of referrals, taking three characteristics into account: talent, buzz factor (what the artists is already doing to attract fans), and personality (ability to get along with other members is key). In addition to playing their original tunes, the TOT artists support each other as band mates on stage providing a full band show throughout, rather than a traditional writers' round. And since each artist brings a unique fan base to the audience, the tour presents an opportunity for cross pollination marketing where concert goers are exposed to the music of artists who weren't part of their decision to see the show.

One piece of advice Kristen shared for students with entrepreneurial spirits, "Don't be afraid. Sometimes the logistical details of big ideas can be overwhelming, but if you take things one step at a time, you can see it through."

TOT goes to SXSW...

Observations, from Trent with love
Every year gets more interesting on this tour. I get nostalgic just realizing how far we have come since we started T.O.T. It felt right to kick off the tour in Baton Rouge because the crowd always has a rowdy energy that is needed on the first night.
I knew it wouldn't take long before the bus ride was quickly filled with laughter and stories (requested and most un-requested). Anyways, the crowd was full of life and the Holiday songs began. Everyone loved the new Christmas songs and our new addition to this particular tour (Andrew Belle). He was on the last T.O.T. album and we asked him to join us. So then we fall into place. Here are some quick personality observations:

Tyler- still king of the "one liner"
Erin- Still sits with shades on day and night with a smile
Katie- is still somewhere finding something organic
Will- rubbing his beard getting thirsty to drink an after show beer
Butterfly- still rocking at all times
KS-Still wound up and ready every minute
Me- mumble something dry
MPJ- still has his hands through his hair looking pensive
Andrew- is finding the closest football game
Lister- still in a hurry
Andy Davis -still working out at random times

Since K.S and I usually trade nights in the lime light the bus drive from Nashville was mine. Don't worry because the following nights have been consumed with K.S. moments.( I won't bring up the table of 12 women he sang for after our mexican meal last night.) Anyways, We have only played two shows thus far and with only two rehearsals I am amazed. Every song and transition has been intentional on this Christmas tour. We have changed the set list numerous times and discussed what changes should be made to better the experience.
I get inspired around these artists. I guess it makes me realize how much work goes into a song. Then how much more work goes into translating that song properly to an audience. All of this sounds elementary and obvious but it is consistently profound to me.
much love.
Hope you join us on this journey.


Our good friends at Contrast Films in Baton Rouge put together this awesome video from the first show.

Tyler James - Christmas Tour Update
Another Ten Out of Tenn tour is on its way. We've all been off on our own for a while and it was a welcomed site to see old friends waiting next to the bus in the Wal-Mart parking lot.After months of cramped vans and playing boss, it's nice to kick off the shoes and not run the ship for a while. Our first stop was Baton Rouge and we couldn't have asked for a better kick off. It's a college town set in the middle of overgrown swamp and trees straight out of a Tolkien novel. First step off the bus I was met by some preteen gals wanting a to see inside ... they had fedora's on so I guess they weren't there to see me. Inside the venue was a rowdy bunch of folks who somehow managed to get more attentive with each new pitcher of beer. Everyone was packed in tight and even though we barely had a chance to learn all the songs, the crowd seemed on our side from the get go.We're still working out a few kinks - last night in Dallas I fell off my piano stool mid song while trying to hand someone my trumpet and Erin's song was mostly over by the time Andy remembered he was suppose to be playing keys. We've got a day off in El Paso today and we could throw a paper airplane into Mexico from our hotel window. We're three days in, laughing our heads off at K.S. doing impressions, trying to figure out if we're too old to see the new Twilight movie this afternoon. - Tyler

P.s - turns out you had to be a 13 year old girl in order to enjoy 'new moon'. sorry if I led anybody astray.

Nomad Madi

it's pretty flat out here. flat and long and the clouds go back prolly a whole lot further than i can see them although that seems to go back and on forever and ever. i think we're headed to columbus ohio yep we are. chuck the bus driver has been keeping us at a steady 78 for the last few hours and i've been asleep in my bed till about 20 minutes ago. i'm starting to realize that the key to sleeping soundly throughout chucks bouts with construction and rumble strips is literally cocooning myself so tight in my comforter that i can't really move my arms and burying my face between my pillow and the mattress. and the funny thing about this point in any tour when you get into the 3rd week you feel like a nomad and it starts to not matter at all whether you ever go back. but all i want to do right now is go somewhere where all the leaves are in mid turn and tuck myself in to some little house on the side of a hill in the woods and write until the winter comes and goes and the sun comes back out again.

the Mascot - Trent Dabbs
The mascot

Sitting in Richmond. The day is overcast and the cobblestone streets are paving the city. Me and K.S. and Ashley are the first to wake up and walk around looking for the perfect cafe'. We walked into a cafe called Gutenburg and everything about the place was movie-ish. The slow moving ceiling fan,round tables,tasty coffee and the trimmings. Anyways, we enjoyed a nice brunch to prepare us for the day. After making our way through seven shows I am learning more and more about these artists. Sometimes more than I care to know. Pet Peeves,who showers,who sleeps,who doesn't,who wrecks the bus or bottoms out,who is the most entertaining,who shops too much,who cares about Mafia,who learns Spanish,who is passive,who is direct,who rips breezes of sickness while sleeping,who is career minded,who like Back to the Future Trilogy,who is helpful etc... Regardless, this forced learning process continues to shape the formula of T.O.T.
These shows are gaining momentum and the sound is getting tighter.
When you are playing shows so far from your hometown to you learn what it is you actually love about the art.
Inspiration can be found in the smallest places.
Sometimes those places are in community.
Sometimes those places are a song mid set in a city you love.
ok. well. This is feeling like an 8th grade poem.
Spread the word about these shows.
much love.

The Flood - k.s. Rhoads

k.s. decided to go for a run and meet us at the hotel (8 miles away), a few miles down the road we spotted him and his interesting exercising techniques as we entered the interstate.... gotta love him, right?
The Floods had come upon Georgia with a biblical rage, and they stood between us and our destination, like still drain-water in an Econo-Lodge bathtub.
The highway was at a dead stop. A procession of semi-truck sandwiches, measuring travel in inches. Truckers stood outside and conversed with each-other, like some Doric brotherhood, where, by default, you are long time friends and perfect strangers, bonded by Pringle and Whopper sculpted love handles, and other handles, like racehorses have, by which they've come to be known, such as Honkeytonk or Biscuits and Gravy.
"Biscuits and Gravy, this is Cherokee Sun-Chaser , we gots ourselves one pickle of a puddle, yonder on I-85, roundabout exit 61 and Chapel Hill Road. How you reckon we fly this heavy bird 'round this duck-blind?" We wondered the same thing. By we I mean the bus driver and I. There were 11 or 12 more of us in this one donkey caravan, but they were deep in a sweet sleep gumbo of Maker's Mark, the rumble of the road beneath, and coffins-like bunks, in stacks of 3. Sleeping like young Dracula's, unaware that the end of the world was presumptively and prematurely trying to invite herself to our immediate world, to our immediate family and travelling minstrel show.
The greater outside was foreboding and unfinished, construction and flood-water, like a Tim Burton and Roland Emmerich collaboration. The sky was grey as Ireland, the exits vacant like those Stephen King novels that go straight to Television. Printer paper signs on the glass doors of the off-ramp restaurants that waited conveniently by the exit read, "Due to weather duress we will be closed indefinitely." Starbucks was closed! McDonalds was closed! What would God think? Can He make a Big Mac He can not eat? These were indeed the direst of times. Grapes of Wrath crawling on 16 wet wheels up a river highway from New Orleans to Asheville.
I made my way through the pitch black mortuary middle of the bus that houses the vampire singers in their coffin beds, dodging the booby trap shoes and one unclaimed pair of black tightey whitey's, over which, for ownership, Will Sayles and Mikky Ekko played Roshambo, and, for which, Mikky won. Beyond the long black veil is the back lounge, lit up white and welcoming by windows on both sides, like stained glass without the stain. A church in the back lounge, a near death experience to get there, and in the light at the end of the tunnel I sit with the window open, breathing in the ocean air of the Atlanta coastline, swimming in the irony that, the very night before, we stood with dry shoes on the Katrina-beaten ground of the French quarter, yet now we were wading in the water of the Delta, a bus baptized, washing the sins of Bourbon street from our wheel-wells.
Our Captain, if he were a pirate, would be the kindest, sweetest pirate a ship had ever seen. "Why, schucks, golly, argh, we must find an alternate route, say ye? ho ho ho?"
Like a freshly shaven Santa, with a Steve Buscemi laugh, we pulled anchor, dropped into low gear, and headed down a county road, through a county town, past a county prison. Is every prison buoyed by a railroad, a river, and a highway? "The hard part is the sniper and the barb wire, but get over that, and you got your pick of escape routes. Brand new airport, and running, freshly gassed planes, scheduled for December."
Escaped prisoner in tow, we jibbed well and finally caught a Western wind, quelling the lingering worry that we might not make Asheville in time for the show, and that the legions of devoted fans would have to putter home, with low hanging heads, as the Charlie Brown theme song played from a distant dying star. No, we were certainly not going to give up now. We'd come this far. A bakers dozen Paul Revere's, we were getting to North Carolina, dog-gonnit. Our Steve Buscemi Santa had summoned his inner Moses, and we were back on our pilgrimage, trading the highway for the low-way. No longer a drifting, windless Santa Maria, but a howling, smoking little engine that could and can and will, traversing the Trail of Tears in reverse. Our belongings in the bays below, and we, who belonged to our music, stood upright like English Terriers, peering through the big spider crack in the windshield (for which we have some Cajon drunken fool to thank), and looked toward the mountains of which James Taylor sang, and John Denver did not. And as the hills grew more hilly, and the grey grew more green, and the blue blew past us, we held our breath, that our next deep inhale might be seasoned with cloud and pine, and we held our bellies, that our next meal might be seasoned with Charcoal and Cheerwine, and we held our tongues, that our next words might be the songs for which we had come to sing. Our silent sanctuary pulled into town like a prayer before a high school football game. Our hat tipped back at Georgia and Louisiana, and here we now were, in Asheville.


Baton Rouge - Ashley Monroe
Hello there! It's Ashley Monroe ..

Sittin here in the back lounge with Kevin, Mikky, and Laura. In good ol' Baton Rouge.... The venue we originally were supposed to play at tonight lost their liquor license ... sooo... the place shut down for a while. We found a cool lil place called "The Roux Room" that was kind enough to let TOT play there tonight! Whewww... that was a close one. I hope people show up and like us.. we're pretty nice folks I must say... so SURELY they will. :)

I am really loving everyone on this tour.. so much talent it's crazy.
Last night in Birmingham Me and T went and played at this lil private club thing before the big show to try to promote it. Pretty fancy.. Then this terrible storm came through.. and the power went off.. and going back to the venue was hell! Raining SOO HARD.. So I was afraid no one would get out of the house to come to the show. I wouldn't have gone out in that for Elvis.. well .. yes .. yes I would have.. but not for anything else! But, thank God we had a WONDERFUL crowd. We all had so much fun I didn't want it to end! so THANK YOU everyone for coming ... meant the world to all of us.

Well I'm gonna go put on a tad of makeup and go do it again!
Much Love!!!

TOT TOUR - Day #2 (Andrew Belle)
hola from TOT-land! (aka a 50 ft bus w/ 12 beds and 13 people)

wow, we just left yesterday and it already feels like we've been out for a week or so (in a good way). i am loving each and every person on this tour thus far. its literally been nothing but laughter and playing great music w/ each other. what else could you ask for??

after our great first show last night, we all piled back on the bus and engaged in our respective late night activities. classic 90s movies, reading, snacking, etc. i went to bed about 2:30am because trent, joy, k.s, and i had to get up early to do the birmingham fox news show in the morning. i fell asleep in my bunk only to be awoken at 4am by my first 'driving through the night while bumping and bouncing around my bunk' experience. its gonna take some getting used to.

the 4 of us piled into a cab and headed over to the studio to be greeted by our anchor and host, JJ. we set up our gear and then joy performed 'charmed life' before i did an acoustic version of 'static waves' w/ the gang. it was a great time - especially when JJ cut me off, kanye west style, and told me that my song was good but joy's was THE BEST EVER!!! haha, i was a bit thrown off (see for yourself in the video clips linked below) but did my best to pull it together for the rest of the set haha!

we play in birmingham AL, at the workplay theater in a few hrs ---wish us luck!! oh, and check out these sweet iPhone pics from the day!


Madi's Fatty Blog - September
well, holy crap it's almost time to line up with our lil suitcases and jump into our tiny cubby holes on our band camp bus and sweep the north eastern regions of america with song and dance. well, mostly song. a little dance though i'm sure...

anyway the last week of grind stoning in the rehearsal space with TOT volume 3 has been well worth it. we are so super fortunate to have such a phenomenal collection of songs, voices, personalities, and skill sets that spread wide over and across the board. the short of this meaning that you will love what you hear and you sure as heck won't be hearing the same thing twice (unless you buy the it...).

I'm excited to be crammed up on stage with these people. and already, instead of standing on stage shoulder to shoulder it feels like we're linking arms like one happy little family. i feel like half the time when we're all hanging and playing together i can't believe the beauty and talent that comes out of my new friends. and the other half of me can't believe that trent actually asked me to be part of such a rad collection of artists.

i win. yay.

oh man i'm totally going to bring uno.....


A few words from Mikky Ekko
Sometimes the needle takes a moment to find the groove... the record starts and you commit...

In the same way, I've been finding my groove in the studio, building and rebuilding the first EP, "Strange Fruit," and the character and tone of the live MIKKY EKKO show. That being said, we're now working on EP #2, sifting through a pile of songs written over the last year. Hopefully the groove will prove steady and we won't want to kill each other when it's all said and done. We will see, I suppose. A special thanks to Tim Lauer (my producer) and Danny Shays (engineer/ c.d.) for the 400+ hours we have put in already... sigh, haha... without them, I'd still be 'record-less', and Trent Dabbs never would've called about doing the ToT Tour this fall. So grateful... for all of them.

... and these other ToT artists are Crazygood, man! You might be inclined to thank me for telling you to check them out, but don't. Just do it. You won't be disappointed.... and as we work our way across the southeast, up the coast and slightly west, I assure you, those who listen and see the show will know. We all have the fever.

Boom. Come hang. We're serious.

Wild little kids with sweaty palms and furious passion dancing around singing angels like a mad tribe with a fever and no cowbell to beat- only the beat of

Can't wait to see you.

she's living in a 'Charmed Life'...
she's living in a 'Charmed Life'...
Hi. Kristen - TOT's matron saint - asked me to write you today! Name's Joy Williams, and I am very stoked to be a new member of the ever growing, every
quirky, ever bohemian TOT family. I am looking forward to this fall run with old and new friends alike. While past incarnations of TOT have showcased kindred spirits that I love and respect, this new hybrid of TOT is already
proving to be a unique but familial crew, as well. There has already been a chemistry building between us- inside jokes, late night house shows, etc...and an excitement continues building to hit the road and play in a town near you.

Patient (and ever hilarious) Trent has been coordinating rehearsal times, and he has also been trying desperately to rally all of us for a much-needed BBQ hang. However, herding 10 artists is a bit like herding a pack of stray cats. Each one of us has been traveling a good bit on the road, or been glued to the studio recording, etc...

I have been traveling and in the studio a good bit myself. I was actually just in the studio yesterday writing with Trent for a TV/film project. We had some luck a few months ago with a song we'd written together called "Charmed Life" that got on the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. (Which, coincidentally, showcased a song from the talented MPJ and ever-awesome Katie Herzig during the very same episode, as well)...

Kristen asked me to share a little bit about my career, so here it goes: Though I signed on into this industry when I was 17, the creative process for me has changed drastically over the years. Once at a big label in the big machine, I managed to get out a few years ago and found my wings independently. Now, I co-write with other artists, write for TV/film regularly, have started a band with singer/songwriter John Paul White called The Civil Wars (here's a FREE full 10 song live album to download if you're interested: and on top of all that, I have begun an exciting new chapter doing my own music.

Which is one of many reasons why I am excited about loading up my gear and hitting the road in Willy Nelson's old bus with each of the TOT'ers. I'm stoked to play each person's songs each meet many of you who I don't know, and to enjoy the summer camp on wheels that this tour is going to be. Hope to see you on the road soon...


June Blog by Trent Dabbs
June Blog by Trent Dabbs
Sooo here we are on June 29th. In a few months we will launch T.O.T Volume 3 packed with new artists and a tour. Just when everyone had labeled T.O.T as a supergroup we throw you a surprise...More Solo Artists! 8 to be exact. A lot has happened since we last saw you. We are excited about turning you guys on to new artists from this group and some familiar (Me & K.S) sounds back to the stage.

What made the last tour so classic was the energy the fans brought to the shows. It was a movement unlike any I have seen. People would bring friends to the show and predict who they were gonna like from the Ten artists on stage. Usually most folks would leave with all albums and a smile.
This time we need a heads up from you guys to see who you are into and maybe even advice in how to get pre-sale tickets moving fast.
So my proposition to you is simple.
Make plans. Make friends. Make a night of it.
Yes I know it is a pretty good distance away from today but we need you.
We are gonna keep pumping info on this site and making sure you are doing your part as well.

Well..we will be rehearsing soon. Tomorrow night we are even having a cookout to hang and talk about our plans to see you.

As for my own career, I'm finishing up my new album, I've got about 10 songs I'm putting the final touches on. It's sounding great, so get ready. You can preview a couple of the new songs on my myspace For updates, follow me on twitter @trentdabbs.

Much Love

Interview with Madi Diaz at Bonnaroo
Interview with Madi Diaz at Bonnaroo
Interview With Madi Diaz And Kyle Ryan At Bonnaroo 2009: "I Will Put The Turd In Your Face", Mista Fish Hoooook, Nashville, Writing - Phone Vs Abacus, And Good Luck. Plus MP3s.

Courtesy of
Thursday, June 25

Nothing At All [mp3]

Love You Now [mp3]

Side [mp3]

by Benham Jones

My first interview at Bonnaroo was with Madi Diaz and Kyle Ryan. I was so cracked out from my arrival and kind of jittery at the thought of doing an interview on three hours of sleep, but these two were the best. Such sweet people. They play under Madi's name and have an EP called Ten Gun Salute out now. To Madi and Kyle, especially after moving to Nashville, it all comes back to the energy one gets from writing a song. For some reason, I did the first bit of the interview in a weird, radio host voice and I was so exhausted that I used the word "turd" freely. This is how our visit went:

Ben Jones: Test. Test, test, test. TEST. You wanna check this?

Kyle Ryan: CHECKAROO... bonnaroo....

Madi Diaz: Wanh wanh wanh...

BJ: Excellent. Ready?

Kyle: Sure.

Madi: Yep.

BJ: Here with Madi Diaz and Kyle Ryan at Bonnaroo. Say heyo?

Madi: Ummm... yeah!

Kyle: What's up?

BJ: So how's it going down here in Manchester?

Madi: Oh, fantastic.

BJ: It wasn't tough to travel for you guys, right? Not too far from home?

Madi: Yep, just an hour and a half. In Nashville. No traffic, I couldn't believe it.

BJ: No shit.

Kyle: Yeah, it was pretty alright.

BJ: It was tough for me to get here. Three hour delay from...

[I then proceed to tell the entire story of my disastrous arrival on Thursday night/Friday morning. I drop the F-bomb twice and it is bizarre and sad to listen to on tape. Its like I've forgotten that I am interviewing someone else.]

BJ: ...and it sucked so bad.

Madi: Whoooaaaa.... That is a long walk. It's hot too!

BJ: Yeah I'm pretty tough. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME. So what's up with your collaboration? I was told I was interviewing Madi Diaz, the website is, but you're, like, inseparable from the project Kyle Ryan.

Don Van Cleave
Madi: There's the man behind the curtain, so it seems.

Kyle: Something like that.

Madi: Kyle and I met back in Boston. Something about four years ago. We played together for a while, we did my first record that I wrote solo Skin & Bones. Just started writing together after that. We've been running around together ever since.

Kyle: But you're the face.

Madi: Sure, I mean, I feel like at this point we are almost both "the Face." But we still use my name so its kinda...

BJ: [to Kyle] You ever feel funny about that?

Kyle: Nah, she's the face. That's fine.

BJ: What's the songwriting dynamic between you two like?

Kyle: I mean, its different every time, and we both work on all parts of a song. It's not like one person is writing lyrics and the other person is doing this or that. Depending on the song, one of us will come in with a melody or an idea or whatever. And then kind of put it together.

Madi: We both love writing and we have a lot of friends who are also writers. Sometimes we'll be hanging out with different people individually and write songs with them, then those or parts of those can be brought in. I mean, Kyle wrote "Heavy Heart" with Sarah Siskind, and I basically told him that I'd punch him if we couldn't play the song ourselves. There's another song we've got that I wrote, "A Little Bit", with our friend Larissa Maestro and we love that song and want to play that song too. We just want to make sure the songs are good, that's always the goal. As long as the songs are good, everybody is safe.

BJ: But do you guys actually write, like, TOGETHER? Like do you sit in a room and then just go?

Madi: Oh, yeah. Hell yeah.

BJ: That's far out. I feel like a lot of people can't do that in pairs. Seems like a tough way to write.

Kyle: Yeah, especially because we will just start things from scratch...

[Muffled mic sound]

BJ: Ok, I'm just gonna pass this off. I don't like pushing it in your face; I feel like I've got a turd on the end of the mic.

Kyle: Alright, so we'll just pass it off.

BJ: Yeah, I will lean in to the turd.

Kyle: I will put the turd in your face. Quote me on that.

BJ: Sure will.

Kyle: Front of the blog. Big letters.

BJ: Yes, excellent idea... So it sounds like, apart from just small sessions together, you are writing in a whole community?

Kyle: Yeah, that's Nashville, just surrounded by all different writers and musicians all the time. Quite a bit of co-writing, whether it's the two of us with a third person, or us separate.

Madi: There is such a community, a community that we are just starting to dive into in Nashville. I mean, obviously, Kyle is my number one...yeah, number one... so we like to be a team. But a good song is a good song wherever its coming from.

BJ: Have you done any records solo, Kyle?

Kyle: No I haven't.

BJ: Is it just a desire to be set back from the front? A fear, maybe?

Kyle: Eh, not so much. It's just been so long since I've finished a song by myself that I guess maybe I thought it was something like that, but my good friend and our long-time bassist told me once, "Some people just don't do, don't stand out front."

Madi: I guess its kind of a process to find yourself in the write place, the write element in the music, where you can really be honest with yourself and just go. I have a problem of just editing myself far too much when I write alone. Like over thinking what I should change about that word, or why doesn't a chorus stand out.

BJ: Do you guys demo a lot while writing, or is it just like, you write the song and hit it while its hot? Especially curious on this new record, since its a lot more based in the studio than Skin & Bone, lots more blips and bleeps.

Kyle: Well, Skin & Bone really was a while ago, so we didn't do any recording for about a year and a half. And things were really evolving then, we were writing a lot and we moved. And then the EP came about because we met these two guys Justin Loucks and Ian Fitchuck.

BJ: Mister Fishhook?

Madi: Mista Fish Hooook.

Kyle: I'll call him that when I get home. So then it was just the four of us in a studio, throwing shit at the walls and seeing what sticks. So that kind of developed a different sound.

Madi: Also, I think coming down to Nashville and just writing and writing and writing, it just... you know, you can only tap a resource so many times in a row, and then all of a sudden your fishing through things that inspire you and great records and different parts of your background. And then in a community like Nashville, I guess it was like tapping into a totally new pool. And then we got into the studio and we were excited and then we started to make new noises...

Kyle: [buzzing his tongue]

BJ: Bleep blop bloop.

Madi: Exactly, bleep blop bloops.

BJ: And you think a lot of that was the move to Nashvhille? What was Boston like? Needed change?

Madi: It was time. I mean, I was really happy for a period there, but by the end it just felt kind of draining emotional. Something about New England is a lot, man. I mean, in the Northeast it is cold and people are not super psyched about it.

BJ: You both seem like sunshine people.

Kyle: Thanks!

BJ: And moving towards the sun, and Music City, do you think that gave the sound a new brightness?

Madi: Personally, moving and changing just allowed me to open up and be a little more honest and flexible with what I was hearing. In Nashville, I'm not preoccupied with the cold. Its freedom in all sorts of ways and there's all these...

BJ: Vibes?

Madi: Oh man...

Kyle: Yeah, we hear a lot about vibes. And I have fully fully embraced it. I am all about the vibe.

BJ: I wish New York vibed like Nasvhille vibes.

Kyle: I don't think they listen to the vibes up there.

BJ: No, they listen to Wu-Tang. Different sort of vibe. But this is the ultimate vibe, here at Bonnaroo. Maybe the biggest gig you guys have done?

Kyle: Oh yeah.

BJ: Overwhelming.

Madi: I'd say so, just a hair. We're lucky, we work with a great group of people at Cherry Lane and this is huge for the new record. Everyone's been so sweet and our friends, our families, word of mouth... every little bit contributes to the buzz. So this is another step. And all we can do is just keep writing, touring around, keeping our fingers crossed.

BJ: Are you guys writing on the road? Moving towards more recording?

Kyle: Eh, some people can do that. But since we hit it so hard at home it doesn't feel like there is a need to. We do want to get some more serious studio time when we get to sit down and take a breather for a second.

Madi: The road is kind of a nice break from the focused writing, and we both soak things in like spongies, and I'll get ideas and work on them on my phone...

Kyle: Because she is from the future. If I have an idea, I spell it out on my abacus in an intricate logarithm.

BJ: Is it tough to be keep up with big buzz, like here at Bonnaroo, at a time when its so important for you to tour heavily? Is it tough to need to be so tour-centric in such a shit economy?

Kyle: Yeah, we basically don't make any money. Its like there is just enough to feed our child, this project, and not quite enough to feed ourselves. But each time, more and more people come and they something new that they like, and then it keeps going.

Madi: Yeah, sometimes its hard to stay psyched all the time, but it always comes back to the song. Like you write something that's exciting and that's what turns a page. Or a trip into the studio. Sometimes even just a really great show happens and I feel like we've moved forward. Its just where the energy emerges from, and that's all different places but mostly the song. We're lucky.

BJ: Lucky to have one another.

Madi: It's good to have a buddy.

Listen to Nothing At All

Benefit Concert for Ruthie (Will's wife)
Benefit Concert For Ruthie (Will's Wife)
June 4th was a great day of camaraderie and support for Ten Out of Tenn drummer Will Sayles. Will's wife Ruthie, who was hurt in a serious car accident in 1996, is currently waiting for an important surgery. To help Ruthie afford this surgery, Will's friends in the music industry came together and did what they do best: rocked out!
The concert, held at Rocketown in Nashville, kicked off with local songstress Brooke Waggoner. ToT's own Griffin House followed with a short but upbeat set. Next up was Erin McCarley, who was joined onstage by KS Rhoads on keys. Then special guest Jeremy Lister, who was not listed as being part of the show, treated the audience of over 600 with a few songs. Will's friends in Sixpence None the Richer took to the stage next, followed by Landon Pigg. The sweet sounds of Mindy Smith closed out the night.
Even though they mostly stayed behind the scenes, fellow Ten Out of Tenn artists Katie Herzig, Trent Dabbs, Tyler James, and Andy Davis all came out to show their support for Will and Ruthie.
The enthused crowd also bid on items in a silent auction being held during the show. Art, music, jewelry and more were up for grabs. Everyone assuredly went home happy with his or her winnings, and all together the show and auction raised over $20,000 for Ruthie's cause.

To donate to Ruthie's surgery, click here: Ruthie's Medical Fund

To watch the video on FOX News, go here: Ruthie's Benefit Concert & Auction

Artist Updates
Since we got back from our Spring tour, the TOT artists have been going non stop trying to play catch up on their careers.

Erin McCarley & K.S. Rhoads just got off Tour with Jack's Mannequin, meanwhile, her video for 'Love, Save the Empty' has been in the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. Erin and K.S. are heading out in a few weeks with Mat Kearney, check her page for tour dates

Speaking of Mat Kearney, TOT's Trent Dabbs and Matthew Perryman Jones co-wrote on the album, check out their song 'Lifeline', Trent also co-wrote 'Never Be Ready' on the new album. And if you haven't seen his video for 'Closer To Love' - check it out and look for Katie Herzig and Tyler James making guest appearances!

A couple of Jeremy Lister's songs ended up on the new Better Than Ezra album, 'Fit' and 'Just One Day' - they sound great, but we prefer Listers' versions!

Matthew P. Jones and Katie H. co-wrote a song together that premiered on the Grey's Finale, check it out here....Where the Road Meets the Sky, and Trent Dabbs co-wrote the opening song on Grey's, 'Charmed Life' with fellow Nashville artist, Joy Williams.

We couldn't be more excited for Butterfly Boucher, who just released her single, Gun For a Tongue, on itunes and will be releasing her full album June 2 everywhere! It's amazing, you must get it. She's headed to the West Coast for some dates in June, check here dates here...

Katie Herzig and Andy Davis haven't gotten off the road since we've been back, they've both been all over! Make sure to check their dates to see if they are headed your way. Also, check out their exclusive songs on Brite Revolution, along with MPJ & Griffin House, who have been releasing new songs there as well.

On another note, our favorite TOT member, Will Sayles - the drummer, has been busy taking care of his beautiful wife who has to undergo surgery for her spine next month. They are amazing people, please keep them in your prayers and come check out the 'RAISE UP' BENEFIT show June 4th with Mindy Smith, Landon Pigg, Griffin House, Erin McCarley, Sixpence None the Richer and Brooke Waggoner.

There's been a lot more happening, but that's all we have for now, but we'll keep you posted on the artists tours, new songs, new albums and other exciting news.


We're in the Movies!!
Any Day Now Film
We love our story. It's basically a bunch of friends that make good music, coming together to share resources. It has all happened so organically and we want everything we do to fall into place just as these artists did, just as the tour did...and just as this film did.
After meeting Jeff Wyatt Wilson and telling him about the tour we were leaving on in no less than a month at the time, we both agreed that this story was worthy of a film. We didn't know what it would be or how it would happen, just knew that it needed to. So we sent Jeff out with his camera, gave him a bunk on the bus and a few meals here and there and he was in. He didn't miss a beat, as soon as the first artist was up in the morning, Jeff was there with his camera, filming all day, all night, every joke, every live show, every special moment that these artists had's all documented. It's beautiful footage of an amazing story.

While we were out on the West Coast Spring Tour, Jeff called to let us know that it had been accepted into the Nashville Film Festival! So we got back from tour, played our last show to an awesome crowd at the Cannery Ballroom and followed it up a week later with a premiere of 'Any Day Now.' It was all pretty surreal...the red carpet, a sold out screening in the biggest theater at Green Hills, fans, friends, other film industry folks...they laughed, cheered, gave a standing ovation. It was a perfect evening and only gave us more motivation to keep the wheels turning.